Ocean Park Volunteer Fire & Rescue Squad accepting donations to help Eastern Shore re: arson fires

Read article and watch video report at WTKR.com.

John Burkard, event organizer, says so many donations are coming in that they’ve had to move them to a spare garage bay.

The top items still needed are:
Dish soap
Bottled water and Gatorade
Protein bars
Coffee and creamers/sugars
Paper products

PLEASE HELP! Your donation will make a difference.

“Those guys over there certainly have their hands full, and they definitely need all the help they can get,” says fellow volunteer EMT Brian Lowe.

To help out the Ocean Park Volunteer Rescue Squad has organized a supply drive to collect some of the most needed items to keep the firefighters going.

“We are trying to receive donations to donate to Parksley Volunteer Fire company because they have a support truck that basically goes to each of these fires and keeps the firefighters fueled and running and hydrated and ready to go,” says Burkard.

Visit Ocean Park Volunteer Fire & Rescue Squad to donate, volunteer, etc.

We also accept donations in the form of checks, cash, services and goods. All donations are tax exempt.

Visit Ocean Park Volunteer Fire & Rescue Squad Facebook page.

Folks, this is what Taking Action and Getting Results looks like!



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