Shore Drive safety improvements update from City Traffic Engineer

From an email by Robert K. Gey P.E.,
City Traffic Engineer
(757) 385-4131

Some formatting like bold lost in posting below:

Shore Drive Safety Improvements Update April 6th, 2011

This is the sixth update for Shore Drive Interim Safety Improvements. This report is updated monthly and reports the current status of Shore Drive safety CIP projects. The first section is the current status of the Shore Drive CIP phase III. The next project is an existing CIP item. The additional four items were new items brought forward by the Bayfront Advisory Committee as additional interim safety enhancement items to be put in place until Shore Drive Phase III and Phase IV construction can be completed.

New this month – Lake Joyce Crossing has an anticipated notice to proceed date, traffic signal timing implementation has been scheduled, sidewalk and handicap ramps east of the Lesner Bridge have been completed.

Items completed to date – Sidewalks and handicap ramps, new streetlights and upgrades have been completed, Pleasure House Road/Shore Drive Sidewalk (CIP 2-731.001), and trimming of the overgrown vegetation all have been completed.

Shore Drive – Phase III (CIP 2-117)

The agreement with the consultant is currently being executed.   Anticipate issuing design NTP to Kimley-Horn in mid-April 2011.  Public meeting is tentatively scheduled for July 2011.  A 60% design submittal is anticipated to be received in fall of 2011.  Construction advertisement is scheduled for July 2013.

Shore Drive Interim Safety Improvements

Lake Joyce Crossing (CIP 2-731.003)
Issuance of a Notice to Proceed to the contractor is anticipated by April 15, 2011, pending execution of construction contracts by City.   Construction completion is anticipated by early October 2011.

BAC safety recommendations 2010
Installation of crosswalks and handicap-accessible ramps at West Great Neck Road and Starfish Road to add missing crosswalks – The Shore Drive sidewalk work is complete. 

Traffic signal retiming – This work will utilize CMAQ funds and will be performed via contract.  New traffic signal timings will be installed and fine tuned beginning the week of April 27th.

Pedestrian cameras to preempt traffic signals – Pedestrian detection cameras will be installed at Red Tide and will preempt the existing traffic signals at Starfish Road and West Great Neck Road to create gaps for pedestrians. This will work as though a pedestrian button had been pushed at both signals and will not interrupt normal traffic progression. The traffic signal work is

Shore Drive Safety Improvements Update April 6th, 2011, continued

nearly complete and is expected to be put into full operation by the middle of April, weather permitting. 

Installation of approximately 500 ft of missing sidewalks and handicapped ramps along Shore Drive between North Great Neck Road and the Lesner Bridge – The goal is to fill missing segments to have one continuous sidewalk on at least one side of Shore Drive. The Shore Drive sidewalk work is complete.


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