Ocean Park are partway to funding fireworks this year

From Mike & Rick:

Ocean Park Friends and Neighbors,

          I hope everyone had a terrific Memorial Day weekend.  Through the weekend we have collected just over $3500.00, cash in hand towards our deposit for the professional fireworks show on the beach this 4th of July.  We need $6000.00 total to put down the deposit for the fireworks by the end of the week.  I know many of you are sitting on the fence, or a taking a wait and see attitude.  I’ve had folks pledge well over the amount we need for our deposit, but I haven’t actually received the money yet.  If you want to see a professional fireworks show on our beach this 4th of July it’s time to act.  Please go to OPCL.org and click on the “Fireworks” tab to donate via Paypal.  We greatly appreciate everyone’s support thus far, there’s no donation that’s too small, every cent helps.  Band with your neighbors and make this grassroots effort a success and honor the founding of our country with a community fireworks show.  If you have any questions about this show, or just want to get more details, don’t hesitate to call or e-mail me.

Thanks again,

Rick Mercadante
Ocean Park Civic League


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