What to do if you find injured wildlife

In case of power out ages, it’s a good idea to print this out and have it handy:

Hampton Roads has many experienced wildlife rehabbers who hold a STATE PERMIT to do so. IF YOU FIND orphaned or injured wildlife, PLEASE do the following:

1. RESCUE the animal, quickly. Place the animal in a softly-lined covered box with ventilation, or a secure animal crate. Make sure the animal cannot escape but DO insure it has ventilation (air!).
2. Place the box in a warm (preferably, not in an area with chilly A/C), dark quiet indoor location away from all humans and pets. Stress kills many animals! Keeping it in a quiet, dark place is essential.
3. Do Not attempt to give it food or water, no matter how much it begs! (THIS is very important. Many many injured animals are accidentally killed by kind-hearted folks who insisted on giving the animal food or water. Please, do not!)
4. Make arrangements to transport the bird or mammal to a permitted facility or rehabilitator as soon as possible. Call 757-263-4762. This will require some patience and a pencil and paper. You will be guided through a system asking you what kind of animal you’ve found, etc., and then you will be given the address of the animal wildlife rehabber that SPECIALIZES in the care of that type of animal. Please take the animal (if driving conditions are safe) to that rehabber as soon as is safely possible. The quicker you can get it to the rehabber, the better the animal’s chances.
More information is available on http://www.vbspcawildlife.com. Look under “Shelter Info” and then click on “Wildlife”. If outdoor conditions are safe, please consider walking your property once the storm has passed and LOOK for injured or orphaned animals. Thank you!


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