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Download our fancy 1 page SDCC Membership Form for 2018.

2017 Membership

  • 3556 On the Bay
  • Aries on the Bay Civic League
  • Cape Henry Shores Civic League
  • Cape Henry Towers
  • Chesapeake Beach Civic League
  • Harbour Gate Owners Association
  • Lynnhaven Beach Condo Association
  • Lynnhaven Dunes Condo Association
  • Mariners Mark Condo Association
  • North Shore Condo Association
  • Ocean Park Civic League
  • Seagate Colony
  • Seashell Villa Condo Association
  • Ship’s Watch Condo Association
  • Westminster-Canterbury

SDCC Membership from our bylaws:

Section I. Membership

    1. A. Any civic, condominium, apartment or townhouse organization, and merchants’ association within the general boundaries (North-Chesapeake Bay; West-Little Creek Amphibious Base, Pleasure House Road; South- First Court Road, Pleasure House Creek, Lynnhaven River, Broad Bay; East-First Landing State Park) shown on Figure 1, whose membership is approved by the SDCC Board of Directors, may become a Class A member organization of the SDCC.

B. No religious or denominational group, fraternal organization, partisan political organization, trade or professional union shall be eligible for Class A membership in the SDCC.

C. To become a Class A member of the SDCC, an organization must have a constitution or bylaws and elected officials.

D. The Class B (General) members of the SDCC shall be all of the members of the SDCC Class A member organizations, provided that they are members in good standing with their respective organizations.

E. Committee members shall be Class B members.

F. Each Class A member organization shall pay the SDCC a membership fee of $25.00 during January of each fiscal year. Class A member organizations not paying the membership fee by June 30 of the fiscal year will no longer be members of the SDCC until the organization reapplies for membership.

Shore Drive Community Coalition Bylaws (5 page PDF)

Memberships are for the calendar year Jan-Dec.

Bring your check for $25 to one our fascinating and engaging meetings.

Mail your check for $25 to our exquisite PO Box:

  1. Shore Drive Community Coalition
    P.O. Box 55254
    Virginia Beach VA 23471

Email one of us from our About page.

Not sure you should join?

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Have questions about Membership?

Please post them at Discuss below or email one of us from our About page.

Thank you!

 Photo Credit: Tim Solanic


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