Most Important SDCC Meeting

Monday, 30 July at 7:30 pm, SDCC will hold its monthly meeting at the Ocean Park Volunteer Rescue Squad Station on Shore Drive. At this meeting, we will be honored to have Delegate Chris Stolle speak before our group. The assembled group will have the opportunity to ask our delegate questions that concern us most in this critical time in both our state and national arena. Come, hear our Delegate, and have a chance to speak about what is on your mind.

Additionally, I will have the  honor to introduce Ms. Grace Moran who has most graciously volunteered to fill the Vice President’s position until the end of the year. Many know Grace for all of her hard word, exquisite comments, and all the community projects and civic positions that she has been involved with and filled over many years. Pending her nomination and acceptance vote, I will most enthusiastically welcome her to our SDCC group.

6 thoughts on “Most Important SDCC Meeting

  1. Tim R.,

    Sounds like a great event. I appologize for missing your other 3 posts to the website. The best way to contact SDCC members is to use their email addresses on the “About” tab of the website.

    Can you send our President details and particulars? I suggest using his email address and not relaying via website comment posts. Unfortunately we are an all volunteer group and reviews of posts may be delayed. His email is

    We do not and have never censored community requests, assuming they are a benefit to the neighborhoods and have no political affiliation. I haven’t quite made the connection between SDCC promoting issues and an art festival, but I don’t see a problem with sending out notice to our contacts of your fundraising efforts for our community.

    Some specific details to include in your correspondence to David, based on your comments above, would be “where is the parking?”, “what other groups are setting up tables other than artists?”, “will you have traffic control on shore drive, i.e. Sherriff deputies?”.

    Also, you may want to mention your availability to come to our August 27th General Meeting. This meeting would still give you plenty of time before your Oct event.

  2. Tim, nothing negative should be taken from the statement. it was simply meant to express that we want to make sure that we answer any concerns from SDCC, especially anything that might prevent us from hosting the show. For instance the Bayfront Advisory Committee suggested that we might want to put up fencing or barricades along Shore Drive to prevent unattended children from walking inadvertently into the roadway. A good suggestion and valid concern. We were looking for both participation from your group, and suggestions from SDCC that might help to increase attendance, public safety, reduce risk and to clarify any questions that the coalition might have. that’s all that’s it

  3. To Tim Solanic,

    Again, our communications may be a little confusing, one Tim to another!

    I understand what SDCC does, that there are priorities, and conclude that SDCC does not have volunteers willing/able to participate. Also, I do want to thank you for extending the offer to attend the July 30, 2012 meetings. However, in order to juggle my schedule for a presentation to SDCC, I would have needed a few days, not a few hours notice. 

    Ocean Park Fall Festival 2012, being a community event, I believed that SDCC would want to be aware of it. After all, the event is on Shore Drive. More than once over the last several months, I attempted to inform and gain the cooperation of the SDCC. Since there was no timely opportunity to properly discuss the idea with SDCC, I must assume this is because the logistics of the Festival is not of concern to SDCC. Therefore at this time we are moving forward without further delay, knowing that SDCC has no objections and has no cause to interfere with the Festival in any way.

    I hope you will find the time to come to the OPVRS Fall Festival on October 6, 2012, and that while you are there you’ll take a few minutes to introduce yourself to me when you visit the artist’s booths. I’m certain you’ll see many of your friends and neighbors there!

    Kindest Regards,
    Tim J. Rudziensky

  4. This is my fourth attempt to reach SDCC regarding the Ocean Park Fall Festival on October 6th. This event is a fundraiser for Ocean Park Volunteer Rescue Squad. I have extended to your group an invitation to come out and meet your neighbors. This is a golden opportunity to present to the community issues of important to everyone, in a friendly relaxing and fun atmosphere.

    Despite my best and most sincere efforts, no one from SDCC has taken the opportunity to respond. I do not understand this and would appreciate it very much if someone would make an effort in this regard.

    Since last December, three emails have gone unanswered and my requests to post information on the SDCC website have fallen on deaf ears. I have asked to be placed on the agenda for one of your meetings, again, the requests unanswered. Perhaps SDCC is only interested in hearing from a select few residents? It seems illogical that the coalition would prefer to not meet more members of the community. Then again, due to the lack of response, perhaps this as a method of controlling content by denying input from the general public, as well as access to meetings and posting of public notices?

    I believe this is a fantastic opportunity for a meet and greet with citizens you do no normally reach. It s also an opportunity to be a bigger art of your community and assist an all volunteer Rescue Squad that is trying to raise funds to pay for thier most recently acquired ambulance.

    Therefore I am making this request again. Would someone from SDCC get in touch with me, or with Tiffany Robbins of OPVRS? Our goal is to arrange for one or two members of your coalition to volunteer to staff a table or booth at the event. The Festival is from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on Oct 6, 2012.

    Would someone, anyone, please take the time to respond?

    Tim J. Rudziensky
    East Coast Art Source, Inc.

    • Hi Tim.

      Maybe you’re not aware of our work, limited volunteers, and priorities. We have several meetings today you’re more than welcome to attend. See ya there.


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