“Often unleashed, they stretch their legs on the nature preserve’s sandy trails, mingle with like-minded canines and take care of their evening constitutionals, all with owner Sharon Thoma…”

Read and comment on Pilotonline.com article about unleashed dogs and their threat to PHP: They also could disrupt the nests of diamondback terrapins or traumatize their hatchlings, she said. “There needs to be a behavior change,” Everett said. “It’s important to keep dogs on-leash on the site because it’s a preserve area.” Pet waste also […]

Thanks to VB Parks & Rec for the friendly reminder!

Friendly reminder to keep dogs on a leash in our parks and natural areas to protect our environment and other wildlife, especially during nesting season as eggs and hatchlings from vulnerable diamondback terrapins can be threatened by unleashed dogs 🐢🐢🐢 We also want to remind folks when non-biodegradable confetti or microplastics are used to make […]

“I am certain you recall the significant destruction left in the wake of the 2019 Floatopia event that elicited substantial lawlessness and resulted in extensive beach debris – literally tons of debris was scattered across our beach and in the Bay for residents and City workers to clean.”

May 23, 2021 The Honorable Robert M. “Bobby” Dyer, Mayor2401 Courthouse Drive,City Hall Building #1, Room 281, Municipal CenterVirginia Beach, VA 23456 RE: Floatopia, Memorial Day 2021 Dear Mayor Dyer: I am writing you with immediate and great concern. The Ocean Park bayfront community has once again been targeted as the location for the unsanctioned […]