Update on Broad Bay Channel Dredging with Deposit on Maple St. Spoils Site

The following is an email update from the US Army Corps of Engineers Project Manager regarding the Broad Bay Channel Dredging.   It is my understanding that the material being dredged from Broad Bay Channel with placement in Maple St. is beach quality sand. Historical maintenance dredging from Broad Bay Channel has been beach quality […]

Public Information Meeting for Dredging Lynnhaven Drive Canal – Tuesday Aug. 20th from 5pm – 7pm at First Landing Fire Station

The following letter was sent to residents near Cape Henry and Lynnhaven Drive.  If you live in this area or frequently travel these roads you may want to attend this meeting to see how the project may result in road closures. The official letter can be found by clicking here Lynnhaven Drive Canal Drainage Imp._W_Attach […]

Dredging of Inlet and Replenishment of Cape Henry Beach Complete. Dredging of Broad Bay Channel Started

The following is taken from an email update provided by the project coordinator…. It does not look like the Contractor will make it to Oak Street given the remaining volume they have in the turning basin in the re-dredge areas. Will have a better idea of things when I receive their daily report from today’s […]

Changes to dredging program. Not near Bayfront area. 

At Pilotonline.com: Another 16 homes were taken out of the Hurd’s Cove district because permitting agencies said it would cause too much damage to wetlands, said coastal manager Phill Roehrs. The city can work on some wetlands, Roehrs said, but federal environmental agencies require the city to replace them somewhere else. Replacing the damaged wetlands […]

#LESNERBRIDGE update from Project Manager – “Since our last update, the dredging of Crab Creek and the area in front of the wharf at the Lynnhaven Dredge Material Storage Site (LDMSS) has been completed.”

March 23rd 2015 update: Aficionados of the Lesner Bridge Project: This might be the first e-mail we’ve sent out in weeks that does not use the words “salt-and-sand solution” and “potholes,” and I consider that GOOD news. Chris rejoices below that “spring is in the air,” but I’m greedier . . . I want to […]

#LESNERBRIDGE update from Project Manager – “The dredging of Crab Creek and the area in front of the temporary wharf at the Lynnhaven Dredge Material Storage Site (LDMSS) continues today, but will be complete by tomorrow, 2/28/2015.”

February 28th 2015 update: Is anybody ready for spring? The Lesner Bridge project team is! The recent spate of snow, ice, and cold has had a negative impact on the project schedule which we hope to make up once the weather warms up. This doesn’t mean that that all work has stopped though. The dredging […]