“More Virginians could receive discounts soon on flood insurance as part of an expansion of a little-known federal program. The Community Rating System, or CRS, reduces peoples’ flood insurance premiums if they live in cities that take steps to mitigate flooding.”

Learn more at WHRO.org. People in less vulnerable areas receive limited discounts. Residents who are not required to have flood insurance but still do are not eligible for any discount. Starting in October, that will change. The Federal Emergency Management Agency, which oversees the rating system, says all policy holders in a locality will receive […]

City’s Community Rating System (CRS) Continues to Save Citizens 15% on Flood Insurance

The City’s Community Rating System Coordinator, Ms. Whitney McNamara, recently sent the above letter to all homeowners living in flood prone areas of our City.  The CRS is a national program and almost all of the cities in Hampton Roads are participants.  One of the requirements of the program is civic engagement.  The outreach letter […]

FEMA/HUD Community Rating System (CRS) City Mailer

As part of the CRS requirement, the City of Virginia Beach must provide the community with information and updates for the FEMA/HUD program.  If you live in a designated flood zone, you should have received the following notice.  It provides good information and links to other sites that are very helpful.  One of the biggest […]