#LESNERBRIDGE update from Project Manager – We hope that this project update will assure you that crossing the Lesner Bridge during this busy time will be a “non-event”.

December 12 2014 UPDATE:


I am sure that many of you are busy with your holiday shopping and planning for all kinds of events over the next several weeks as we approach the end of 2014. We hope that this project update will assure you that crossing the Lesner Bridge during this busy time will be a “non-event”.

Let’s start with GOOD news:

For these next two weeks there are no scheduled daytime lane closures within the Lesner Bridge project limits.

Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD) has completed their work on the existing sanitary sewer forcemain in WB Shore Drive and will require no further lane closures. HRSD has de-mobilized their construction crews located at Shore Drive/Rockbridge Road and at Shore Drive/Kleen Street.

As for the latest bridge construction progress:

Ø Construction of the new bridge abutment “A” continues on the west side of the Lynnhaven Inlet. The first concrete pour on the new bridge abutment took place on Wednesday, October 29th. Placement of the reinforcing steel and formwork for the second tier of the abutment will take place the week of November 3rd. The last concrete placement for this bridge abutment is taking place today, December 12th.

Ø All of the drilled shafts at Piers 1 and 2 of the new westbound (WB) bridge have been installed. Over the next two weeks the contractor will continue with drilled shaft installation at Pier #3, the first in-water pier to be constructed on this project. Concrete placement for the foundation cap at Pier #1 is also taking place today, December 12th.

Ø Work on the WB bridge approach in front of 3556 On the Bay condos (Shore Drive/East Stratford Street) continues. The concrete retaining wall, utilities, and temporary wire wall are all being installed concurrently at this location. As the grade in this area is built up to plan elevations, folks should begin to see how much higher the new bridge will be. The top of the wooden formwork for Abutment A will be the new elevation of the bridge deck.

Ø Work on the WB bridge approach next to the old Duck Inn property (Shore Drive/Page Avenue) also continues. A portion of the concrete footing for the new retaining wall has been poured and the area prepared for the placement of the pre-cast concrete retaining wall panels. Work on the new seawall (closer to the water’s edge) has begun within this area.

The City is coordinating their seawall construction with the private construction contractor building the private seawall on the Point Chesapeake property. The City’s seawall starts at the right-of-way line located north of Shore Drive and will continue south until it connects to the existing bulkhead located south of Shore Drive at the Maryland Pilots Association. The private seawall connects to the City’s seawall at the right of way line and continues north along the dune line towards Cape Henry Towers.

The temporary bulkhead at the Lynnhaven Dredge Material Storage Site (LDMSS) continues. The tie-back system and placement of all the reinforcing steel on the new bulkhead is now complete. Approximately half of the concrete cap has been place on the bulkhead. Work will continue on the bulkhead over the next several weeks to form and place the remainder of the bulkhead cap.

As a final note, the construction contractor will not be working over the holidays; and no work will take place on the project between December 24th, 2014 through January 5th, 2015.

That’s it for now. Have a safe driving weekend!


Christopher J. Wojtowicz, P.E.
Project Manager
City of Virginia Beach
Department of Public Works
Municipal Center-Bldg 2
2405 Court House Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23456-9031
Phone: (757) 385-5785
Fax: (757) 385-5668
email: cwojtowi@vbgov.com

No update on “speed bump” in slow lane on east side of #LESNERBRIDGE at Vista Circle as you can see.

Screen shot of construction cam photo taken at 1130am DEC12 2014

Screen shot of construction cam photo taken at 1130am DEC12 2014


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