Photos of seals at CBBT by Jet Ski Brian & how to contact the Stranding Response Team

Photo Credit: Jet Ski Brian

In case you’ve missed the great pics Jet Ski Brian has been getting here’s his website.

One of the seals seems to have a gill net wrapped around it’s neck:

I went through the pictures I took on Saturday and sure enough it looks like one the poor guys has what looks like part of a gill net tightly around his neck. I emailed and called the Virginia Beach Aquarium and am waiting to here back from them.
I saw several sets of gill net around the Islands of the tunnel.

Stranding Response Program at Virginia Aquarium.

Report a Stranding
When water temperatures drop quickly, cold-blooded reptiles like sea turtles often find themselves in trouble up and down the East Coast. Some of these animals may appear deceased but are actually in a coma, due to the surrounding cold waters. These animals are in need of IMMEDIATE MEDICAL ATTENTION! If you come across a sea turtle swimming, floating or stranded on the beach, please stay with it and call the Virginia Aquarium Stranding Response Team immediately at (757) 385-7575.
Report a Stranding

To report a stranded sea turtle or marine mammal (dolphin, whale, seal or manatee) to the Aquarium’s Stranding Response Program, call (757) 385-7575 (24 hours/7 days).

And, the Virginia Aquarium has a new website up to catalog the deadly balloons that can kill marine life.


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